Autumn will officially kick off on Saturday, the 23rd of September and you know what that means? It's PSL (pumpkin spice latte) season where you can get everything PSL flavoured – from your coffee to your candles to that cheeky muffin with your cup of tea. When the air starts to crisp up and the leaves change colour, it's the perfect time to get summer-ready by starting your hair removal journey this fall. Getting summer-ready is not just for winter. You can start your treatments and still show off your smooth legs before it becomes tights and jumper season. Find out why Autumn is the ideal season for laser.

#1 Your skin is exposed to less sunlight, meaning less tanning

Unless we are lucky enough in the UK to enjoy an Indian summer, our pins won't see the sunlight for a while. Since laser hair removal works best on untanned skin, a reduction in sun exposure means that the contrast between your hair and your skin will be greater, making the concentrated red laser beam more effective at targeting and destroying those unwanted hair follicles.

#2 You may spend more time indoors

When the colder months start to set in, we often spend less time outdoors which means more time to listen to our favourite podcast, audiobook, or television programme and zap away with your Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. When the days get shorter, many of us start to go into a semi-hibernation mode which is perfect for at-home spa days and self-care.

#3 Permanent results take time – and you'll have it

​​If you start your laser hair removal journey in the fall, you'll have time to laser away all your unwanted body hair before the warmer months. You'll also have time to give your skin a post-laser treatment MOT – time to hydrate, exfoliate, and enrich.

#4 Smooth legs make wearing your autumn essentials easier

There's nothing worse than prickly hair snagging on your cosy tights. Lasering your way to smooth skin means you can comfortably wear warm layers without the hassle of shaving or waxing.

#5 It's a way to treat yourself

You may have already cleared the expenses of your summer holidays and Autumn is the "between" time before Black Friday and Christmas hit. Now's the time to treat yourself. If you've always considered laser hair removal but you haven't quite taken the plunge, the fall is the time to do it before the festive season gets underway. You deserve the treat – and you'll most definitely thank your past self come summertime. Pamper yourself and get yourself summer-ready so you'll feel confident and radiant.

#6 Cost-effective planning

An at-home laser hair removal device is an investment but once you've paid for the product, you have it for life. Instead of having to visit a salon at peak times or at the busier times of the year, you can remove your own hair from the comfort of your own home at times convenient to you. So, you may only have ten minutes between Zoom calls and you have time to zap all your armpit hair, for example, or your facial hair. You can break up your sessions each week of treatment to fit around your schedule – and budget. There's no recurring cost.

The takeaways

In this blog post about my laser hair removal journey – from super hairy to super-smooth – I talk about the four cycles in the life of a hair and how you can ensure you are zapping your hair in the right stage of the cycle, which is key to permanent hair removal. For me, laser hair removal was one of the best decisions I have made. I suffered from confidence issues because I was so hairy and not having to worry about those black dots showing through my skin on my legs or the dark shadow in my armpits or – worse my facial hair – has been more freeing than I could imagine. Permit yourself to make you the best version of you, now.  

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