Tria Beauty UK specialises in salon-quality laser devices for home use such as the Age Defying Laser which is an at-home non-ablative fractional laser (also known as a skin resurfacing laser). Tria also boasts the Tria Laser 4X handheld diode laser for permanent hair removal. One provides you with more radiant younger-looking skin by creating microscopic damage so your body's healing mechanisms can rebuild collagen and the other delivers a precise laser wavelength to the hair follicle to kill the hair during the anagen (growing) phase of the hair cycle. In only twelve weeks, you'll see up to a 70% reduction in hair – and if you continue to use the laser to zap the hairs during the growing phase, you'll see permanent results. But don't just take our word for it, we have doctors, influencers, YouTubers, and celebs who rate our lasers. Check out what they have to say. 

Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty

We wrote a blog all about Huda's Christmas products. Huda Kattan is a makeup artist and blogger who rose to fame through her Instagram and launched a makeup empire. 

Here's a quick TikTok of her using our Tria Age-Defying Laser. 



We are so happy to see @Huda Beauty loving our SmoothBeauty Laser! She takes it with her everywhere! Shop on TriaBeauty.com to get one! #antiaging #hudabeauty #hudakattan #laser #beautygadgets #fractionallaser #skincare #celebritybeautysecrets #triabeauty

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Danielle Collins

Danielle Collins is the famous Face Yoga Expert. She loves to look young with her techniques of facial massage and facial exercise, but when she tried out our Tria Age-Defying Laser, she noticed that her skin became glowier, she had no breakouts and felt her skin looked better overall. Have a look at her review. 


Joseph Harwood

Joseph Harwood is a model, influencer, YouTuber, makeup artist, trans beauty activist, and the first-ever transgender person to win a reality-based talent competition. Here's his review of our Tria 4X laser hair removal device. Having tried multiple IPL devices, he recommends Tria's device above them all because of the quick, wireless features.


Style of Laura Jane

Laura Jane of the Style of Laura Jane won the top ten blog award in 2022. She writes about dating, relationships, style, sex, and all things love life – even the most embarrassing questions. She wrote a blog entry about trying out the Tria device noticing that it was simple to use, has fast results, is convenient and cost-effective, and – best of all – permanent. The downsides she saw was that the process can be time-consuming and people who are more sensitive may find the higher settings less comfortable. Take a look at what she had to say.

Click here to read Laura's blog post.

Laura Edwards of Pink Paradise Beauty

Laura is a YouTuber and blogger who creates beauty and lifestyle content. She has a background in beauty, fashion, and marketing and founded the Pink Paradise Beauty blog and her YouTube channel.

Here's her quick rundown video of her using the Tria 4X device in her non-sponsored review.


She wrote a longer six-month review here, concluding that the laser works with consistent use.


The Honest Channel

Clare Johnstone is a journalist with an interest in how to "age well and look and feel good for as long as we can." Clare's review talks about how the Tria 4X device does work but, to her, she prefers to use it on her face and underarms and other small areas. Take a look at her review.


Chloe Brewer of A Lady Writes

Chloe Brewer of A Lady Writes claims to be the everyday beauty and skincare lover, a mother, and a full-time blogger. She won Highly Commended as Blogger of The Year in the Thirty Plus Awards in 2017, sponsored by Boots & No7 and she won the Best Beauty Blogger in the UK Blog Awards 2019. Take a look at her review.



Dr Komal

Finally, Dr Komal, an NHS doctor, posted her own non-sponsored videos discussing the Tria Age-Defying laser and comparing it favourably to a more expensive competitor. She discusses her progress and found that the ADL improved the look of her skin and she felt she was able to fit it into her busy lifestyle. Take a look at her reviews.

Here's her laser unboxing.

She talks us through her first time use.


Here's her two-week update.


And, finally, here are her results after one month.


The takeaways

Are there any people we have missed? Share your videos and tag us on Tria Beauty UK's Facebook or Instagram of you talking about our devices.

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