In recent years, many people have been moving towards more sustainable lifestyles – from ditching the razor and going for diode laser hair removal to going vegan for the animals to decluttering to saying no to fast fashion. Considering our planetary impact and the cost of trends seems more relevant now than ever.

Trends come and go but timeless pieces are forever! Building a capsule wardrobe offers a refreshing approach to timeless style and sustainability. A capsule wardrobe consists of a curated collection of versatile clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create a wide array of outfits. The concept emphasises quality over quantity, ensuring that every piece serves a purpose and contributes to an effortlessly chic and functional ensemble. Let's delve into the essential pieces that form the foundation of a capsule wardrobe, enabling you to exude style without the stress.

#1 The crisp white shirt

This option works well for both men and women. A well-fitted white shirt is the cornerstone of any capsule wardrobe. Its versatility is unmatched – from pairing it with tailored trousers for a professional look to knotting it over jeans for a relaxed vibe. Choose a high-quality fabric such as 100% cotton, linen, or silk to ensure comfort and longevity. There are even non-iron varieties on offer in some stores.

#2 The classic denim

For both men and women, a pair of perfectly fitted jeans transcends seasons and occasions. Opt for a dark wash, as it can seamlessly transition from casual to semi-formal settings. Dress them up with a blazer or down with a simple T-shirt. Popular trends in jeans generally favour lighter washes (think the acid wash of the 1980s) or certain shapes (like the 1970s and 1990s bell bottoms) and even levels of distressed (think the 2000s era distressed and patchwork jeans – as well as skinny jeans). In more recent times, high-waisted and "mom" jeans have been in fashion, but a classic pair of jeans that will not go out of style more generally are mid- or high-rise jeans with a comfortable fit and fitted (but not skinny) legs and maybe a slight boot cut.

#3 The little black dress (LBD) or a classic navy suit

For women, the timeless LBD is a non-negotiable piece in a capsule wardrobe. It's your go-to for cocktail parties, dinners, or last-minute events. Accessorise it differently to create new looks every time you wear it. 

For men, the equivalent is the classic navy suit in a classic shade. Opt for a quality wool fabric as it will last decades if cared for properly.

#4 The tailored blazer

A well-tailored blazer instantly elevates your outfit, giving it a polished edge. Whether worn with trousers, skirts, or even over a dress, a blazer exudes sophistication and professionalism. For men, a blazer can be worn with chinos, trousers, or jeans (and sometimes shorts for the more daring).

#5 Neutral, versatile t-shirts

Stock up on neutral-coloured t-shirts – black, grey, and beige (plus navy and white if you can afford it). These serve as versatile layering pieces and can be worn alone or under cardigans, blazers, or even slip dresses. If you don't suit a classic t-shirt style, opt for blouses or styles that flatter you. The same goes for men. Opt for a variety of neutral t-shirts to elevate any wardrobe. It's always best to go for higher-quality fabrics.

#6 A flattering skirt

Choose a skirt that flatters your figure and falls within a neutral colour palette. A midi-length skirt is particularly versatile and can be dressed up or down as needed. Each person's flattering skirt fabric will vary so some may like a jersey pleated skirt, others may want a twill A-line skirt, and others a silky slip or wrap skirt.

#7 A classic, comfortable jumper

Invest in a high-quality jumper that keeps you warm and cosy. Opt for neutral colours like camel, navy, or charcoal, ensuring that they complement the rest of your wardrobe. If you can afford it, you can opt for more luxurious fabrics like pure cashmere, merino wool, or a high-quality wool blend. These pieces will last longer and look nicer when cared for. You don't have to shop at designer brands as shops like M&S and John Lewis often offer a cashmere jumper range. For savvy shoppers, you could try the E5P store to see what options they have.

#8 A classic coat

A well-crafted coat is a must, especially if you live in a region with varying weather. A timeless trench coat or a tailored wool coat can effortlessly enhance your style quotient. Again, opt for a style that will last the years – not the latest trend (think puffer coats, shearling coats, scarf coats and others that cycle through fashions).

#9 Functional accessories

Accessorise wisely with a few key pieces – a statement necklace, a silk scarf, and a quality leather belt. These items can breathe new life into your outfits without taking up much space. 

#10 Comfortable shoes

"Comfortable" shoes sound a little boring but, thankfully, the trend of comfort seems here to stay, and comfort has its place in a good capsule wardrobe. Whether it's a pair of white trainers, elegant ballet flats, or versatile ankle boots, prioritise comfort without compromising style. The right pair of shoes can complete your look and keep you ready for any occasion. Like with anything, opt for pieces made of higher-quality fabrics and that are made with craftsmanship (i.e. a quality pair of leather or vegan leather boots over a plastic pair). 

The takeaways

Remember that you can build a capsule wardrobe over time and you don't have to buy these items all at once, especially more expensive items like jewellery or investment coats, bags, blazers, and jumpers. It may be a good idea to consider the items you have in your wardrobe and how they work within the framework of existing pieces. You may have a few statement "wow" pieces and then build the rest around classic timeless pieces. 

Building a capsule wardrobe is about curating items that reflect your personal style and can be effortlessly mixed and matched. This approach not only saves you time and money but also aligns with a more sustainable approach to fashion. Remember, it's not about restricting your choices, but rather about optimising them. With these essential pieces, you'll find that getting dressed becomes a stress-free and enjoyable experience, and your style will radiate the confidence that comes from knowing you always look your best.

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