Tria Beauty UK’s Black Friday sale is better than ever. Even though we Brits don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like in the United States, we still get into the post-Thanksgiving spirit. In the US, Thanksgiving is generally on a Thursday and the very next day, when Americans are off work for their two-day public holiday, the Christmas shopping begins – this is known as Black Friday. This tradition started in 1952 when the day after Thanksgiving has generally been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Brits may make a mad dash for their Christmas shopping closer to the day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snag some amazing Black Friday deals to save £££s right now.

What’s on offer this Black Friday?

Hair Removal Laser 4X: 30% off plus a FREE 3-product bundle

Usually retailing at £375, you can enjoy 30% off our Hair Removal Laser and only pay £262 – plus a free bonus bundle of full-sized goodies.

Most hair removal gadgets on the market offer only IPL treatment, which is not a single-spectrum laser. Read here all about the difference between Tria’s Diode Hair Removal Laser and the IPL devices from other brands on the market. 

Diode lasers allow a single-spectrum concentrated beam that delivers precise targeting to each hair follicle for permanent results. Once the hair follicle has been disabled, it loses its ability to regrow hair. 

Use the laser for twelve weeks every other week to see the best results. 

Bonus deal: When you buy a Tria 4X laser, you get a FREE Black Friday bundle worth over £150. Buy one laser and get this FREE bundle of goodies: Tria “Me Time” Candle (worth £34.99) plus Nourishing Eye Renewal Cream (worth £75) plus Finishing Serum (worth £50). Four products for the discounted price of one! 

Black Friday price: £262

Hair Removal Laser Precision: 20% off

Hair Removal Laser Precision: 20% off

Retailing at £279, Tria’s Hair Removal Laser Precision is comparable to our Tria Laser 4X but in a compact precision model with a slim, ergonomic design, perfect for smaller and more sensitive areas like the face, bikini line, and underarms. It’s portable and lightweight with three times more hair-eliminating energy than other at-home hair removal devices. Buy your precision laser on Black Friday to meet your hair-removal needs.

Black Friday price: £223

Tria’s Age-Defying Laser: 20% off

Tria’s Age-Defying Laser: 20% off

Worth £450, our Age-Defying Laser allows you to bring your non-ablative laser resurfacing treatments to the comfort of your own home. Read our blog here about our Age-Defying Laser

The Age-Defying Laser works at the cellular level by causing microscopic damage to the layers under the surface. It allows your skin to rebuild itself, promoting collagen renewal. As we age, we lose the ability to regenerate collagen, which is what’s responsible for keeping our faces looking youthful. When using Tria’s Age-Defying Laser, you’ll see an improvement in elasticity, smoothness, firmness, texture, tone, and a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation issues. 

Non-ablative laser resurfacing treatments cost hundreds to thousands of pounds in the salon but you get three years plus of laser treatments for a single price in a hand-held, easy-to-use device.

For as little as two to ten minutes per day, depending on the laser setting you use, you can have younger-looking skin. Use the laser for eight weeks then take a break and then continue again for a cycle of regeneration.

Black Friday price: £315

Other deals: 20% off everything sitewide

Other deals: 20% off everything sitewide

Had your eye on our Home Spa Kit, our Super Smooth Leg Kit, or our Age-Defying Laser Deluxe Kit? Now’s your chance to take advantage of 20% off sitewide. 

Stock up on those big presents this Christmas. Your friends and family will love that thoughtful and practical present they’ve been wanting all year. Who doesn’t want to be hair-free in time for summer? And who doesn’t want younger-looking skin? These gifts will be the ones your family talks about for years. 

How long does the Tria Beauty UK Black Friday sale last?

You can snap up these offers from Friday, 25th November to midnight on Sunday, 27th November. Don’t miss out!

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