Google is not always our friend when it comes to dating and sex advice and sometimes we need answers for those uncomfortable, curious, or downright embarrassing questions. Whether you’re unsure how to turn a conversation flirty, ways to spice things up again, if you’re zodiac compatible with your crush, or have innumerable dating dilemmas, sometimes you need a reliable source to turn to. You may ask yourself from time to time do I need a therapist or is this quite normal? But search engines (or Alexa or Siri) don’t have the human touch.

Meet Laura Jane: our latest Tria Beauty partner

Meet Laura Jane: our latest Tria Beauty partner

Thankfully for us, the internet has Laura Jane aka, Style of Laura Jane: your love life queries answered. Laura writes lighthearted, helpful, and insightful relationship advice, dating advice, and investigates common sex and intimacy questions.

Tria is delighted to announce our partnership with the lovely Laura Jane who has been featured as a Top 10 UK Dating and Relationship Blogger. Laura Jane loves shoes, romance, analysis of relationships, writing poetry, watching Sex and the City, glamming-up Old Hollywood style, finding that perfect backdrop for her Insta aesthetic, and being a content creator. She blogs about dating, enjoys a smoothie bowl, hits the hay early, and dotes on her dog, Oscar.

Laura Jane’s content is fun to read yet informative, which is why she has an enviable subscriber list. She’s like the honest best friend and guilty pleasure you never had. She’ll keep you straight with your dating life and let you know when to date that cutie from the next cubicle or when to run with the red flags.

What topics does Laura Jane cover on her website?

She covers topics from ‘how do you decide if you want kids?‘ to the dreaded ‘what happens and what it means when you’ve been ghosted‘ and what to do and even how to broach the subject of pooping at a partner’s house for the first time. You know, all the things we really, deep down wanna know but maybe didn’t even think to ask!

She also explores deeper topics with answering why and what to do if you’re embarrassed by a partner – it’s to do with self-esteem and social perceptions – and why partners shouldn’t be our best friends – are we expecting the unrealistic and putting added pressure on them? And can relationships last without sex – it depends on different drives – or how does class impact dating – it can matter? 

These topics are just a snippet of the myriad of subjects she writes so well about to help the contemporary guy or gal navigate the minefield that can sometimes describe dating in modern Britain: from how to tell if you’re bad in bed to do you remove unwanted body hair – always your choice?

Her writing style is lighthearted and she effortlessly weaves research into her posts. The topics are helpful yet well-informed; she’s not just writing her opinions but incorporating the help of experts, psychologists, and counsellors. She weaves in personal examples but keeps topics relatable and largely universal – as most of us have had our share of dating woes.

Laura Jane’s experience with our Tria 4X laser

We reached out to Laura Jane to try our Tria 4X laser as she says permanent hair removal has been on her mind for a while (like so many of us). She writes: “Laser hair treatment has been something on my mind for a while now (I once blogged about it) but money and busyness has always held me back.” And even though our Tria 4X laser is on the pricier side for some, what price would you pay not to have to shave again? Plus, with billions of plastic razors ending up in landfills each year, going green with hair removal is the eco-friendly choice and keeping in mind that the average British woman spends around £23,000 in her lifetime on hair removal via waxing and £6,500 (and eight weeks of life) on shaving, an at-home laser is also the budget-friendly and time-friendly choice. 

Laura Jane’s pros of our device

Laura Jane’s pros of our device

Here’s what Laura Jane had to say about the pros of the device. 

  • Laura Jane notes that it’s simple to use with tutorials available online to help you know how to use it and it’s ready right out the box.
  • She says it provides fast results. Yay! We already know this fact but we love when our clients have a great experience.
  • She explains how it’s convenient and cost-effective when compared to salon treatments and the wireless feature means you can do it when and where you want.
  • She also recognises that the results are permanent and says: “it’s nice to know that once you’ve bought the device, it’s a long-lasting investment that you will reap the benefits from for many years to come.” 

Finally, she also reports that our device is an FDA cleared laser for safe and effective use and that you can remove 70% of your unwanted hair after just two treatments with clinically proven results. Plus, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love it as much as we do and Laura Jane (thankfully), you can return it with no questions asked.

Laura Jane

Image credit: @thestyleoflaurajane

Read what Laura Jane has to say in her own words

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the blog Laura Jane’s written about her experience with our amazing 4X hair removing laser: Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Review – Style of Laura Jane (

Follow Laura Jane on Instagram: Laura Jane (@thestyleoflaurajane)

The takeaways

Laura concludes: “I’ve been shaving for nearly two decades and in that time, I’ve dealt with many ingrown hairs and have wasted a lot of time going over my skin with a razor. So while the Tria hair removal laser 4X…is certainly time-consuming, the fact that it offers me the ability to have permanent smooth skin without constantly dealing with razors, makes the product worthwhile and a great investment.” She continues, “There is a worry sometimes that home devices are not up to scratch, but Tria’s technology is very impressive. The device has fantastic safety measures and straightforward instructions to follow.” Thanks, Laura Jane, for your honest review. 

So, our Tria 4X may be an investment in time and money at first, when you get impressive and permanent results down the line, it’s entirely worthwhile. Buy one for yourself or for a loved one to be free of unwanted body hair. For good.

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