You may have had a work’s Christmas do – maybe a first since the pandemic – or been to a workplace award show or been on a night out for Christmas drinks or to a Christmas market this year already. When many of us spend time working from home, it’s nice to have an excuse to put on something nice, do our hair, our makeup, and our nails, and feel fabulous. But what about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? If you’re spending time with friends, family, and loved ones this Christmas, here are some outfit choices that may be perfect for you. 

The dressy outfit

#1 The dressy outfit

If your family is more Downton Abbey than the average lot, then you might have to wear a more dressy outfit. You might want to reach for things like a sparkly dress, a velvet wrap dress, or even a silk or satin garment. 

There are lots of choices for getting dressed up and glammed up for Christmas but think of bright jewellery and dress in tones found in metals and stones like gold, rose gold, silver, copper, emerald green, ruby red, deep sapphire, black diamond, canary yellow citrine, and so forth. You’ll look a picture of glamour in your evening gown whether it’s a long gown, a semi-formal wrap dress, a cocktail dress, or even an impressive jumpsuit. Be sure to pair the look with your favourite pointed-toe heels or flats for added flair.

The casual, cosy, but fancy outfit

#2 The casual, cosy, but fancy outfit

When we say ‘cosy but fancy’ we are talking cashmere. Nothing says elegant-I-don’t-care chic like cashmere. It screams “I have money” and effortless sophistication. If you get a pair of structured slacks and pair it with a cashmere jumper or oversized cardigan tucked in with a nice belt and a pair of loafers, you’ll be onto a winner. You’ll feel comfortable but look chic. Think monochromes like greys, creams, blacks, or navys for your colour choices – and if you want a little more casual, opt for some jeans with your cashmere. 

There are also some really lovely cashmere jumpers in more bold colours too so if bold is your objective, you can pair your jumper with a matching headband, bag, ring, and shoes in brighter complimentary colours for some added zing.

The winter pyjamas or sweats

#3 The winter pyjamas or sweats

For those loveable super casual families that love nothing more than hanging out in their matching Christmas pyjamas, this look is for you. There’s nothing cuter than matching stuff, right? Who doesn’t want to dress up like Santa’s elves with their family? You can even get personalised pyjamas too. It may be a little odd eating at a dining table in your PJs but go ahead and rock it! But keep in mind that it’s probably not the best look if Christmas dinner means dining out this year!

Alternatively, there are lots of cute matching sweats and athleisure wear out there on the market. Think less Juicy Couture in the 90s and more Lululemon and Gymshark (or even Fabletics). You can feel comfy with your hair in one of those messy I-just-threw-my-hair-up buns with a dab of makeup and your fave pair of slippers or trainers.

The fun Christmas jumper and leggings

#4 The fun Christmas jumper and leggings

If you’re not down to go as casual as the Christmas PJs and you don’t want to look like you’re going to the gym at Christmas – because we hope even gym bunnies take that day off – then the Christmas jumper look and leggings can still get you in the festive mood but leave you with room for expansion with all those Christmas treats. 

There are so many fun Christmas jumpers on the market such as silly ones, punny ones, and cutesy ones. You can find plain black leggings or even fun Christmas-themed ones to go with your jumper too. You can pair this look with your fave circa-2000s Uggs or Ugg knockoffs.

Curl your hair, pop on some bright red lipstick, and some Christmas earrings and you’re set for family mingling, eating, enjoying the day, and singing along to Christmas songs on Spotify. 

The cosy dress and thigh-high boots

#5 The cosy dress and thigh-high boots

The quintessential autumn and winter staple in every woman’s closet should be a flattering jumper dress. Whether that style that suits your best is boat neck, square neck, turtleneck, rollneck, or 70s-style with flowing sleeves, there’s a cosy dress out there that you can throw on with some tights and feel like you look good but ready to snuggle into the sofa with some Christmas films

You can dress up the look with your favourite boots from thigh-high boots to make it dressier to classic leather riding boots or even your fave pair of ankle boots.

The silk skirt and jumper look

#6 The silk skirt and jumper look

Another classic favourite is pairing your favourite silk or satin skirt which can be shorter, longer, or the popular midi-length and throwing on a coordinated chunky jumper that can be tucked under to simulate a “tucked in” look. If you’re feeling bloated as the day goes on you can always hide anything with the baggy jumper and still look chic. This look pairs best with anything from ankle boots to strappy, more dressy heels.

Festive Look outfits

The takeaways

What is your favourite “look” around the holidays? Do you obsessively plan out each outfit? Do you go for a no-makeup casual look? Or somewhere in between? If you need an overcoat or poncho to pair with this look, check out our blog post here. Let us know on Tria Beauty UK’s Facebook or Instagram what you like to wear for family get-togethers during the holidays.

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