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Whether you like plain colours, designs, multicoloured rainbows, or anything in between, many of us love to get our nails decorated around Christmas to get us in the festive spirit. Let’s explore what nail colours are hot this season for Christmas and New Year.

Tria Beauty - TRENDING NAIL COLOURS - image of woman with caramel-coloured nails

Autumnal colours: oranges, yellows, and browns

The 60s vibes are back in fashion with these bold colour choices of oranges, yellows, and browns. Thanks to shows and movies like The Queen’s Gambit, Endeavour, The Trial of the Chicago 7, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Green Book, and others, the 60s look has seen some resurgence and back are the bold earthy tones of that era. We may not be rushing out to decorate our homes with shag carpet, brown curtains, and bright orange and lime green wallpaper just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with our nails.

In colour psychology, yellows represent creativity, happiness, warmth, and cheer; oranges express success, confidence, and bravery. Whereas browns evoke dependability, ruggedness, and simplicity.

Both Look Fantastic and Cult Beauty have these autumnal, earthy shades to help you stay on-trend. Of course, there are many, many more besides the ones we have listed.

  1. A set of four beautiful, rich shades in brown, orange, coffee, and mushroom: NAILS.INC Keep It Tonal Quad
  2. Another set of quads from the same brand in different tonal shades from brown to gold to pinky-cream: NAILS.INC I Like You A Choco-Lot Quad
  3. A beautiful matte luxury brown colour to pair with a bright red lip: Christain Louboutin Beauty Coffret Velvet Matte and Nail Colour Duo
  4. A lovely lemon colour for a pop of freshness: Mavala Lemon Drop Nail Polish
  5. A sunshiney, highly pigmented vegan yellow: 3INA Makeup The Nail Polish in Shade 153
  6. A sumptuous bright vegan orange: 3INA Makeup The Nail Polish in Shade 154
  7. An autumnal leafy vegan rust colour: 3INA Makeup The Nail Polish in Shade 156

Here’s some Instagram inspiration:

Tria Beauty - TRENDING NAIL COLOURS - image of woman with blue nails

Feel the ocean: blues

Although not an obvious holiday colour, we do often associate blue with Christmas often realising it. Some people have blue Christmas lights and outdoor decorations, evoking Jack Frost touching the decorations with the tips of his fingers and others equate blue with frost, ice, and the midnight sky in which Father Christmas ascends to the cold, wintry skies to deliver his presents to all of the good boys and girls around the globe! Blues of all hues and tones have become a winter staple, so let’s look at some of these blue nail polishes to stay on trend this winter.

Look Fantastic has some gorgeous shades of blue this season (with others not included in our list).

  1. If you want a more muted silver-grey-blue, this choice is for you: Nailberry L’Oxygene Nail Lacquer Spiritual
  2. For a gorgeous rich cobalt blue, try this shade: Nailberry L’Oxygene Maliblue Nail Lacquer
  3. A sparkly mermaid tail blue with flecks of rich green-blue-silvery glitter: OPI Celebration Collection Nail Polish in Ready, Fete, Go
  4. For a beautiful and delicate cornflower blue, here’s the polish of choice: nails inc. Plant Power Nail Polish in Soul Surfing (plus it’s vegan and comes with a glass bottle and wooden cap for the eco-conscious)

Here’s some Instagram inspiration:

Tria Beauty - TRENDING NAIL COLOURS - image of woman with green painted nails

Getting back to nature: greens

Sage is all the rage this Christmas as are deep sparkly emerald greens. In colour psychological theory, green is said to be calming, tranquil, and relaxing, perhaps because of its connections to nature. During the holidays, we associate green with Christmas trees and one of the traditional colours at Christmas. If you want something traditional, yet a little fun, green is the way to go. Darker greens are a little funky and different, but sage and minty greens are on-trend and more cutting edge (again, harking back to those 60s vibes).

Look Fantastic has these wonderful shades of green to choose from (and many more not included in our list).

  1. A beautiful vegan emerald green colour: Nailberry L’Oxygene Nail Lacquer Glamazon
  2. A calming shade of cool-toned sage green: Mavala Green Zen Nail Colour
  3. A high-shine, vegan warm minty green: Nailberry L’Oxygene Nail Lacquer Minty Fresh
  4. A deep pine forest green that’s almost black: Le Mini Macaron Gel Polish in Wintergreen 

Here’s some Instagram inspiration:

Tria Beauty - TRENDING NAIL COLOURS - image of woman with red painted nails

Sticking with tradition: classic reds

Of course, the classic red look and our typical colour associated with Christmas will never go out of fashion, so if you can’t bring yourself to step out of tradition with some blues, greens, yellows, browns, and so forth, then you can always paint your nails in a beautiful red – from fire engine to ruby to maroon to burgundy to Bordeaux, there’s a red for everyone.

Look Fantastic has a massive collection of reds (as in over 70 to choose from) so you’re bound to find a colour you can fall in love with this winter and beyond. Here are five of our choices.

  1. With a shiny creme finish and a classic bright colour red, you can’t go wrong with this classic OPI colour: OPI Nail Polish – Big Apple Red 
  2. For a deep rusty red with beautiful sparkle, this Nailberry colour is a lovely berry shade of red: Nailberry Nail Polish – Harmony 
  3. Burberry has two shades of red (and one of black) that you could choose from for your festive red shade: Burberry Nail Polish in Military Red No. 300 or Oxblood No. 303
  4. To have your nails look like a pretty Christmas bauble, this lovely bright red-pink colour is lovely: Mavala Nail Colour – Red Cosmic
  5. If you want a classic pillar box red colour, you can’t go wrong with this shiny red varnish: nails inc. St James Gel Gel Effect Nail Varnish

Here’s some Instagram inspiration:

Tria Beauty - TRENDING NAIL COLOURS - image of woman in a cosmetics shop holding nail polish bottles in her hand

What nail colour do you think you’ll choose this festive season? Will you go bold with some of the more “out there” non-traditional trending colours like blue or yellow or sage or stick with something a little more mainstream such as a classic red or an emerald green? Let us know on social media.

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