After the madness that is the Christmas holiday season to the lull that is the cheese-and-wine-coma-and-what-day-is-it in between Christmas and New Year (for those who don't have to work and get a break, that is), the new year is often about making fresh plans for the year ahead. But the first week of the new year, should embrace the simple pleasures of life (like our post on the concept of hygge) and embrace a week of cosiness. Enter everyone's favourite comfort wear: pyjamas. From the snuggly warmth they provide on a chilly evening to the unrivalled comfort they offer during lazy weekends, pyjamas have secured their place in the hearts of people across the globe.

The universal love for pyjamas can be attributed to their multi-use nature. Beyond being just sleepwear, they have become a symbol of relaxation, self-care, and a sanctuary of comfort. No matter your age, occupation, or lifestyle, there's an undeniable joy that comes with slipping into a pair of cosy pyjamas. 

Let's explore some of our favourite pyjamas this winter season

John Lewis pyjamas

John Lewis is already known for its high-quality goods, but did you know they offer reasonably priced, luxury fabric pyjama options? From nightdresses to fun printed pyjama sets to cosy fleece or cotton jersey sets, you can find the perfect winter pair.

Check them out here.

Price point: around £30-50 per pair (but higher-end brands come with a higher price tag of £70-150+ per pair).

Cyberjammies pyjamas

For looks for the whole family, Cyberjammies is an award-winning loungewear brand with fun prints at an affordable price. And for those who love to match with their children, they have an adorable range of family pyjamas that are not just in Christmas prints (for the obligatory Christmas morning family "photoshoot" to post to Insta or Facebook).

Take a look at their offerings here.

Price point: £36-52/set but there are pieces that are a little lower priced.

Fable and Eve pyjamas

For those with a bit more budget, Fable & Eve offers luxury nightwear for comfort and style that's a blend of cotton and modal. Modal is a breathable and absorbent cotton-alternative fabric made from cellulose (often derived from beech trees) and it's often used because it's more absorbent than cotton, retains its shape after use, and is warmer, shrink-, pill-, and fade resistant.

This brand offers various luxury pyjama collections in beautiful designs.

Have a look here.

Price point: £55-85 per piece or per set, plus you can even buy matching scrunchies.

Desmond and Dempsey pyjamas

This pyjama company was started by an International couple, one from the UK and another from Australia, who met in Spain and then moved to London and married – and opened up a pyjama company they named after both of their grandfathers – because of their dilemma finding pyjamas. They make lovely pyjamas for men, women, and children. The pyjamas are 100% cotton. They also have luxury silk offerings but these are around £300-500/pair.

Check them out.

Price point: the sets are priced around £130-170+/pair, plus you can monogram your PJs for FREE!

H&M (and other high-street retailers) pyjamas

For more budget options, there are high-street fashion giants like H&M and other retailers. You can find many of these sets in cotton blend fabrics with a high cotton content (95% in some cases) so they'll feel lovely at a price that won't break the bank.

Take a look at H&M's offerings.

Price point: £18-30/set.

The takeaways

Whether expensive or budget, next time you slip into your favourite tested pyjamas or if you try some new ones, savour the comfort and embrace the universal love for the cosy, timeless allure of sleepwear.

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