Despite concerns over the Omicron variant, many of us are still looking forward to celebrating Christmas socially this year.

Last year was a rather sombre affair with somewhat abandoned social graces, which translated to scrunched-up hair in a messy bun, donning reindeer-themed pyjamas and consuming vast quantities of Ferrero Roche in the twinkling light of the Christmas tree!

Now might be a good time to start thinking about how you’ll style your hair for all of those upcoming Christmas festivities. Whether you have a works do, drinks with girlfriends, or a date with a significant other, it’s always good to have some go-to hairstyles in your repertoire. Let’s take a look at some easy festive party hairstyles.

Short hair

Short hair

Short hair can be super chic and simple when styled with straighteners or soft waves. But here are some ways you can mix up and add a festive vibe.

#1. YouTuber Kayley Melissa shows five quick and easy hairstyles for short hair:

  • The first hairstyle involves using a great hair accessory that you love (a headband, for example, or you can improvise with a great clip) and curling your hair in a wave style. Then, you just pull some pieces of hair in front of your ears to frame your face and you’re good to go.
  • The second look is a half up-do where Kayley curls her hair using a 1-inch barrel away from her face for defined waves. Then she creates a twist using clear elastic and accessorising with jewels.
  • Watch the video to see her up-do and bohemian styles.


#2. In this video, Sophie Hannah shows us four easy hairstyles for short hair:

  • The first style shows a flipped-out hairstyle using hair straighteners.
  • Next, she shows a half-up-half-down style with a chic hair accessory.
  • Check out the other ways Sophie uses hair accessories for added styling.




Medium hair is one of the easiest lengths to style (unless you have super thick hair, that is) because the weight of the hair doesn’t usually pull curls down during the night out and doesn’t take a million and one hair grips to keep it in place (as with longer, thicker hair).

  1. Abby Smith of ‘Twist Me Pretty’ shows ten ways to style medium hair:
  • Abby shows how to create a floating braid onto waved hair.
  • She shows ways to create chignons with various techniques and different braids and half-up half-down styles.
  • Take a look at the video for all the ways you can style your hair. For a more Christmas-y feel, you can add some festive hair accessories.


  1. Awesome Hairstyles shows ways to make three low buns:
  • Low buns always look elegant and are a good way to keep hair from your face if you’re eating, dancing, or enjoying the winter wonderland festivities.


Long hair

With long hair, there’s more hair length to style which can be great for up-dos, but it also means more length to curl for any style that requires a curling wand or a straightener; however, long hair is easy to style if you are know-how. Here are some fabulous long festive hairstyle suggestions.

  1. Missy Sue, in this video, shows us three easy ways to style long hair in half-up-half-down styles with curled hair:
  • Take a look at the ways she curls and prepares her hair and adds some chunky, pretty plaits to her hair.


  1. Alex Gaboury creates three stunning hairstyles to look sleek:
  • These hairstyles are perfect when you want an easy (no curl) and sleek look that takes minimum effort.


Curly hair

Curly hair

Last but not least, we haven’t forgotten all our girls with naturally curly hair. For those with curly hair, hair routines can be arduous enough with all the extra steps in washing, smoothing, serums, diffusers, and so forth, but it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve cute holiday hairstyles. Let’s take a look.

  1. Franchelli Rodriguez shows you how to prep your hair before styling:
  • She shows how to do an easy plaiting style on one side and enhance your beautiful curls on the side.


  1. Dana Gagliotti shows three easy hairstyles for the holidays for girls with naturally curly hair in the first video and in the second video, a few more!
  • She shows a hairstyle with twists, then an easy up-do, and finally a low chignon with accessories.

We hope you have fun trying out some of these styles to get you into the Christmas vibe. You may be a beginner or a pro, but these easy hairstyles are sure to impress and keep you looking fabulous this season.

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