To enjoy smooth legs, we all must reach for the razor at some point. Even to use Tria hair removal lasers or salon laser treatments, the skin has to be prepared first. Cleansed, shaved and patted dry.

“Oh, I do love shaving my legs,” said nobody ever!

Most of us love that silky feeling of freshly hair-removed skin, slipping our legs into fresh pyjamas or hosiery without those pesky hairs snagging and making us feel sweaty. But what about the next day when you start to notice that your legs feel rougher, you look down and see that they appear dry and flaky – urgh!

Time to reach for the loofah and shea butter. A good scrub and soap rub. Not so smooth now. Plus, all a bit time-consuming, especially if you’re on holiday and just want to relax and enjoy yourself.

So what does regular shaving do to our skin?

Well, you’ve guessed it. The picture isn’t great, as shaving often removes the moisture and damages skin cells, leaving skin dehydrated and infection-prone. In fact, regular shaving causes much more than dry flaky skin. It can cause redness, soreness, ingrown hairs, shaving bumps and let’s not forget razor burns and scrapes too. Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story, within a few days, when the hair regrows, it can feel rough and stubbily and can cause itching.

Don’t panic – Tria to the rescue!

Our Hair Removal Laser 4X is designed to permanently remove hair. Stopped. Gone. For good.


Treat every two weeks for three months

There are three phases during an average hair growth cycle: active, transition, and resting. Hair must be treated during its active phase to achieve permanent results. This is because not all hair follicles are active at the same time, so multiple treatments are necessary. Tria recommends leaving two weeks between treatments; a full course takes three months.

That’s it! Do something you love with the time saved.

And the hair hardly regrows at all, no bumps, burns, or bruising. What’s more, gone are the stubbily, scratchy regrowth hairs – forever. Well, forever is a long time… more hair can emerge, especially on the chin, neck and upper lip areas.

Havoc-causing hormones

This is because hormones are a big contributor to hair regrowth and hormonal changes are, in the main, completely unavoidable. Fluctuations can happen due to lifestyle choice, illness, medication and even your age.  These include diabetes, pregnancy and breastfeeding, menopause, stress, weight loss, weight gain – the list can seem endless. However, these hairs will be much finer and grow slower, so you only need the occasional quick Tria laser top-up. Gone are the days of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), where you’d need regular top-ups; often 2 or 3 times each week.

Confident results

Don’t forget that all our lasers are clinically proven to work, and they are FDA-cleared, so perfectly safe to use at home. We’re so confident you’ll love your results, that they come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you have recently tried out one of our lasers and have any questions or wish to make any comments (good or bad!), we would love to hear from you, please email us –

With Tria, it is that easy!

*Results vary from user to user.

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