The holiday season is often associated with joy, togetherness, and a little extra sparkle. Beauty advent calendars have become a popular tradition for many, adding a touch of glamour and excitement to the lead-up to Christmas. These beautifully curated calendars offer a daily surprise, featuring an array of skincare, makeup, and beauty products that make the countdown to the holiday season all the more special. As we approach 2023, it's time to explore the enchanting world of beauty advent calendars.

What to expect in beauty Advent Calendars in 2023

Some of our favourite calendars are already starting to be released and each year, beauty companies seek to outdo themselves by creating more luxurious and exciting calendars than the year before. Here's what to expect in most beauty advent calendars.

  • A range of products: Companies are offering a wide range of your favourite products from serums, moisturisers, and masks, as well as makeup products like lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polishes. You'll also find luxurious bath and body products, hair care items, and fragrance samples.
  • Full and sample-size products: Some calendars offer more full-size products along with the usual luxury mini products. Full-sized products offer great value for money and smaller products allow you to try new products and brands or even popular, more expensive items.
  • Exclusive and rare products: Many beauty advent calendars feature exclusive products or early releases that are not available in the regular product lineup. This exclusivity adds an extra layer of excitement for beauty enthusiasts.
  • Stunning and creative packaging: Beauty advent calendars are known for their stunning and often reusable packaging. Expect elegant boxes or cases with beautiful designs that add a touch of holiday decor to your living space.

  • Customisable options: Some beauty advent calendars allow you to choose specific products or categories, ensuring that you get the items that align with your preferences and beauty needs.
  • High-end brands: You'll find a mix of high-end and drugstore brands in beauty advent calendars. This variety ensures that you get a diverse selection of products to explore and enjoy.
  • Value for money: One of the most appealing aspects of beauty advent calendars is the value they offer. While the upfront cost may seem high, the combined value of the products is typically much greater. It's a cost-effective way to sample premium beauty items.
  • A focus on sustainability: In response to growing environmental concerns, some beauty brands are focusing on eco-friendly packaging and sustainable products in their advent calendars.

How do I choose the right advent calendar for me?

When choosing which calendar to purchase, like anything, you want to consider your budget. Are you choosing one splurge calendar or several or gifting one – or a few less expensive ones?

Next, you want to think of your beauty preferences. If you love skincare but not makeup, then choose that. If you love to try new makeup products, there'll be a calendar for you. There's pretty much the right calendar for everyone these days.

Consider brands you love, especially if you have favourite beauty brands, check if they offer advent calendars. This can be an excellent way to explore their product range and discover new favourites.

As a side note, if you’re buying beauty calendars every year as an example, they can get samey and you may end up with sample sizes of products you’ll never use – like snail serum, purple lipstick, false lashes made from mink (if you’d never wear those for ethical reasons). So it's really worth sneaking a peek at the contents to see if you'll get the value from the product. One way to do this is to check out an advent calendar vlogger like "Lady Writes Blog." Click here to check out her posts.

Reviews and recommendations can help influence which calendar is the best value for money and if eco-friendliness is important to you, look for calendars from brands that emphasise sustainability and responsible packaging (but at this point environmental factors should be on the list for everyone).

The takeaways

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