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8 ways to spruce up your legs ready for your summer holiday

#1. Exfoliate. Did you know that you can make a natural and effective exfoliator just by using some simple ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard? Try this – mix together some coffee grinds with coconut oil and sea salt. To use, apply the mixture in the shower, then use your hands (or a loofah) in a gentle, circular motion to massage in, rinse and pat dry. The coffee exfoliant works so well because coffee is naturally loaded with antioxidants, which will wake up and invigorate your skin.

#2. Permanently remove hair. Be hair-free with Tria Beauty’s fabulous Hair Removal Laser 4X. For best results, shave then cleanse, and pat dries your legs before use. Remember to use the laser device every 2 weeks to target all stages of your hair’s growth. Get yours with FREE delivery and a 60-day money-back guarantee from www.TriaBeauty.co.uk.

#3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Time to rejuvenate your skin with your favourite hydrating moisturizer. We love natural coconut oil-based creams, which provide great benefits to dry skin without leaving it feeling greasy.

#4. Bathe like Cleopatra. No, we haven’t gone mad! Bathing in milk has been around since, well… Cleopatra, and with good reason too, as milk is a natural hydrator that will leave your skin feeling silky soft with a natural glow. Simply add 1-2 cups of milk along with ½ a cup of honey to your tub and give it a swish about before soaking your pins.

#5. Yoga. Let some yoga into your life with some simple daily stretches like the Triangle Pose (below) or Forward Fold (that’s touching your toes to you and me). Yoga can really help strengthen, condition, and tone legs that have been hidden away under tights and jeans.

#6. Bronze safely. Remember to exfoliate first before applying your favourite tanning cream with a mitt. Use long sweeping motions to distribute the product evenly for a flawless finish. Top tip – useless on your ankles and feet, just the residue that’s left on the mitt should do the trick.

#7. Sun protection. Get ready to shield your legs from harmful rays. We recommend two sunscreens – an SPV of 15+ for everyday activity/short periods in the sun and an SPV of 30+ for longer periods of exposure/outdoor sports.

#8 Pedicure. Last, but not least! Match your beautiful hair-free, bronzed pins with some nail colour that will look fab in this summer’s flip-flops. This year we are loving the coral tones.

Celebrate your new, silky smooth, luscious legs – now you’re officially ready for your summer 2021 holiday!

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