Positively Clear Acne Blue Light - How to Use

Positively Clear - How to Use Positively Clear - How to Use
  1. Cleanse your face and gently towel dry to prepare your skin.

  2.  When ready, place the treatment tip against your skin on the treatment area.  The Positively Clear device will now begin to emit blue light on to the treatment area.  You will hear a fan when device is emitting blue light.

  3. Glide the treatment tip in circular movements across the entire treatment area, maintaining contact with the skin.  Do not hold the device in one place long enough for your skin to become uncomfortable hot.

  4. Continue gliding the device in circular movements within the treatment area.  The device will chime and the treatment completion indicator will light.  The device will then automatically turn off.

  5. To treat another treat area of your skin repeat steps 3 & 4.

  6. Do not treat the same area of skin more than once a day (24 hours).

  7. Moisturise the treatment area with a nutrient-rich cream

  8. Clean the tip or the outside of the device whenever it appears dirty, with a moisten soft cloth with water, making sure the device is not plugged in.

  9. Keep the device away from water, dampness or debris that may get inside.

  10. For information see our FAQ's or contact us on 0800 0484 322