Hair Removal Laser FAQs

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Can I use the Tria Hair Removal Laser on my face?

Use this laser on your face, underarms, legs, bikini line and arms to achieve smooth, hair-free skin.

How long does a battery charge last?

Each battery charge on the Tria Laser lasts approximately 30 minutes. Each charge on the Tria Laser Precision model lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Why do I have to shave?

We recommend preparing your skin by shaving before each laser treatment. This helps the laser target the hair follicle below your skin’s surface. Waxing, tweezering and other hair removal techniques should be stopped a couple of weeks before your laser treatment.

Can I use my Tria Hair Removal Laser more often than every 2 weeks?

We recommend treating every 2 weeks for the best results. This treatment is optimal to target your hair follicle at each stage of its growth cycle. Treat the area once every 2 weeks over 3 months or until you are happy with the results. Therefore, a full course usually consists of 6 treatments. However, if you have thicker or denser hair in most or some areas, you may need to continue your laser treatments beyond 6 sessions to achieve better results.

Is my hair color suitable for using the Tria Hair Removal Laser?

Tria hair removal lasers are designed to work on naturally dark blonde through to black hair tones. This is because the technology targets the dark pigment in the hair, and lighter hair tones such as white, blonde, red, or gray will not absorb enough of the laser's energy to disable the hair follicle. Please consult our hair colour and skin tone chart to see if this laser will be effective for you.

How long does it take before I start seeing results?

About half-way through your course of 6 treatments, you’ll start to notice less hair regrowth. Plus, hair will usually appear finer, lighter or both. Please note that everyone’s hair and skin are different, and results will naturally vary.

How do I unlock my Tria Laser?

Power on your Tria Hair Removal Laser, and the screen will illuminate. The red light on the bottom of the device is the skin sensor. Hold it on the area you wish to treat to check your skin tone and unlock. The skin sensor will automatically sense and check your skin and omit 3 “ready to treat” sounds. On the Tria Laser Precision model, the skin sensor is located on the tip (lens). Please note that if you do not hear the “ready to treat” sounds, this area of skin might not be suitable to treat, for example, an area which contains tattoos.

Can I share my Tria Hair Removal Laser?

This is not recommended due to hygiene reasons.

Can I use the Tria Hair Removal Laser on genitals?

This is not recommended due to the sensitive nature of the skin in these areas. It is also a consideration that the skin tone may differ, and the hair may be of greater density. Please note that our lasers have not been clinically trialled and cleared for use on these body areas.

Can my teenager use the Tria Hair Removal Laser?

All Tria lasers are recommended for age 18+ only. Our lasers have not been clinically trialled and cleared for under 18s to use.