Tria Laser Hair Removal - Before Treatments

Before Your First Treatment

Charge the Tria Hair Removal Laser

Charge the Tria Laser 4x for at least 2 hours before you use it or anytime the battery indicator is “empty” and blinking.

If your covering a large area or have the Tria Laser 4X set to a high energy level, you may need to charge the Tria Laser 4X in the middle of a treatment. This is normal.

To Charge

  1. Plug the battery charger into the Tria Laser 4X charger socket and into a power outlet.
  2. The battery indicator will show it is “Filling Up” while the Tria Laser is charging.
  3. Once fully charged, the battery light will stay on and you may unplug the charger. The Tria Laser 4X can remain plugged in for extended periods of time without damage.
Charging the Tria Laser 4X | Tria Beauty UK


To prevent damage to your Tria Laser, only use the included Tria Batter Charger. If you lose your charger, please contact Customer Services.

You may charge the Laser in Quiet mode (charges without the sound of the cooling fan), but it will take longer. To change charging modes, press and hold the power button while charging until you hear a tone

Test the Laser On a Patch of Skin

Before your first full treatment on a new area of your body, we recommend you test the Tria Hair Removal Laser on a patch of skin there and try different energy levels.

  1. Prepare your skin and unlock the Tria Laser, The Tria Laser will be set to level 1.
  2. Place the treatment window flat against your skin, and test one laser pulse.
  3. If the Level 1 was tolerable for you, then move to Level 2, testing a patch at that level with one laser pulse. To adjust the Tria Laser setting up or down, press the power button.
  4. If level 2 was tolerable for you, change the test locations and increase by one level until you find the highest setting that is still tolerable. Treating at the highest level possible will maximise results.
  5. Wait 24hrs and then examine the test areas. If the skin appears normal, start your first treatment at the highest level you are comfortable using.

Retest your skin if your skin tone changes dramatically (due to tanning).

Warning: If you notice blistering, burns, changes in your skin tone or any other side effects, or if you are not sure about the outcome of the test, DO NOT USE the Tria Laser and contact Customer Services or your Doctor.

Before Every Treatment

Cleanse the Treatment Area

Cleanse the treatment area, removing all cosmetics, lotions and creams that may block the laser light.

Shave the Treatment Area

Shave the treatment area. This removes the surface hair, which improves comfort and allows the light to better reach the hair in the follicle.

Dry the Treatment Area

Dry the treatment area.


While Using the Tria Laser


Quick Guide to Using Laser 4X