Many celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, Katherine Heigl, Scarlett Johannsen, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Taylor Swift, Charlize Theron and so many others have rocked a short hairstyle. Whether it’s been a cute pixie cut, a layered bob, or something more daring, these celebrities have looked amazing with these shorter hairstyles. But shorter hair or even longer hair with shorter layers generally needs to be styled to make it look great each day. With longer hair, you can throw it into a ponytail or a messy bun, but shorter layers and shorter hairstyles don’t often accommodate these “whip up and go” hairstyles. Let’s take a look at hairstyles suitable for shorter layers.

Why do we cut layers into hair?

Why do we cut layers into hair?

For those lucky enough to have gorgeous thick hair, you may choose to get your hair layered because layered hair blends shorter strands into the length of the hair to create movement and to remove some of the weight of the hair creating volume. Even people with finer hair choose to get layers for styling purposes because lighter layers create shape, volume, and moveable texture. Light layers without uniformity can also help highlight your hair colour, especially if you’ve opted for highlights, balayage, or even ombre hair colours. Extreme layers remove the most weight from the hair for those who want to decrease volume and make thick hair easier to dry, style, and manage overall. Plus, it’s cooler for the summer. Also, layers create shape in the interior of the cut so that the hair can be manipulated for styling. Whatever your reasons for asking your stylist to cut layers into your hair, you may find layered hair can be a little trickier to style, especially if you have to create sections.

#1 How to create half updos for short hair

The YouTuber, Milabu, walks us through ten easy half-up half-down hairstyles for people with short hair that don’t require you to curl your hair first. She says you’ll need tools such as hair grips (bobby pins) and elastic bands. Her hairstyles vary from simple twisty hairstyles to more complicated plaited versions.

#2 How to style hair with short, choppy, uneven layers

YouTuber JaaackJack provides a video for styling choppy uneven short layers. Her tips for creating beachy waves makes her hair look polished and pretty even though she says she hasn’t had a haircut in months. She also talks through some side plaits to add interest and elegance. 

Katel Candel has some different style ideas for heavily coloured and damaged hair from French twists to a top knot bun and more.

#3 How to create hairstyles for bobbed, chin-length hair

YouTuber Cozykitsune has bobbed, chin-length hair and talks about how many of the short hairstyle videos are for people who have at least shoulder-length hair. She discusses how shorter hair is trickier to style but she’s come up with some techniques to create different looks such as her “faux victory roll” look.

Here’s another YouTuber’s, Izzy Shea’s, take on styling a bob.

#4 How to style short wavy hair

For those who have naturally wavy hair, these are some styles that work on wavy hair whether it’s short or medium in length. Tabitha Gingerich talks through her hair ideas for curly to wavy hair that doesn’t damage your natural waves or curls. Take a look at the cute hair ideas that don’t rely on heat styling.

#5 How to create extra volume in your hair

This YouTuber, Gabby’s Channel, shows you how to take shorter hair and create extra volume with a round brush and different hair drying techniques that create volume and shape the hair nicely to the face.

For those with slightly longer hair and layers, here’s a variation on the hairstyle techniques described above on how to create the perfect celebrity salon blowout look with Kayli Boyle.

The takeaways

Shorter hairstyles with layers can be beautiful, stylish, and, for some, easier to manage than very long hair or even medium-length hair. We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to help style your hair. If you have shorter hair and shorter hair with layers, let us know on Tria Beauty UK’s social media how you like to style your hair for that perfect look (pictures are always welcome too!).

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