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‘Tis the season to sparkle and shine! And this can only mean one thing: new and fab glitzy makeup looks…maybe not for your traditional family Christmas card pic, but for visits to the Christmas markets with your girlfriends, your office Christmas party, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family, and New Year’s Eve. Here are the Christmas makeup trends that are hot this year.

Eyeshadow looks

Eyeshadow is one of the most dynamic parts of any makeup toolkit. You can create the same foundation, blusher, and lipstick look but mix up your eye makeup for an all-new vibe. Here are some of our favourite eyeshadow trends this season.

Smoky eye

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - woman with smoky eye makeup

A smoky eye is a classic makeup look where, generally, you apply a mid-tone eyeshadow all over the lid. Then, you sweep on some eyeliner along the lash line and it’s “smoked” out with an eyeshadow brush. Next, you take a dark-toned eyeshadow and blend it over the eyeliner halfway up to the lid and into the mid-tone lid colour – techniques differ and how far you smoke out the eyeshadow above the crease will depend on your lid shape and if you have hooded lids. Finally, you can coat your lashes with your favourite mascara and add optional sparkle shadow for finishing touches.

Close up of a woman's face with blue eyes and blonde hair with curled 1950s hair and a smokey eye with pink cheeks and nude lipstick

Photo credit: @ewillaimsmakeup_

Here’s how makeup artist Lisa Eldridge does a classic smokey eye:

Metallic eye

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - Close up of a woman's side profile where makeup artist is applying green sparkly eyeshadow to the woman's eyelid - woman has blonde hair that's pinned back so the makeup can be applied

Metallic finishes are just as they sound – they have an underlying shimmer that resembles metals such as gold, silver, foil, copper, and bronze. Metallic eyeshadows can be really stunning and create a bold makeup look. Some people create a metallic look with a single eyeshadow or you can layer similar shades.

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - Close up of a woman's face with her eyes close wearing metallic orange eyeshadow, black lipstick, and silver angel wing earrings

Photo credit: @madeupbykaty

Here’s a look created by Makeup by Mario:

Snow globe glitter eyes

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - close up of a woman's face with glittery blue makeup with stars painted on her face

What’s more festive than glitter? You can create a fun makeup look just with cosmetic glue and glitter or stick-on jewels. Although these looks are usually reserved for summer festivals, yet it’s fun to play with looks around the festive period and sparkly snow globe eyes will definitely look amazing in low-light selfies at the Christmas market or in a club.

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - Woman with black winged eyeliner with white crystal pieces glued to her eyelids to resemble eyeshadow

Photo credit: @salemmitchell

Here’s a tutorial from YouTuber, Sophie Hannah. Even though the look says, it’s for a festival, it’s perfect for a fun night out over Christmas – especially New Year’s Eve:



Makeup artists and influencers are getting really creative these days with the range of looks they can create with eyeliner. Whether you like a 90s smudge, full-on 60s winged eyeliner, or one of these more modern takes, there’s a look for you. Here are some looks that are trending.

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - Woman in a winter coat outside with big, curly messy hair - she has the coat pulled slightly over her face obscuring part of her lips and she's holding the coat edge with a hand - she has dark eyeliner on her eyes and part of her black lipstick is visible

Glitter wings

More modern trends are taking the traditional black liner and doing something new with it such as in this glitter wings example on Peter Do’s Press Director, Jessica Wu. Jessica has taken a glittery orange shade on her lids and winged it out past her eyebrows to create this bold glitter wing. You can either take one light shade as Jessica has done or still use a dark wing and add glitter like in this example below.

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - Close up of a woman's face where she has used glittery orange eyeliner that covers most of her lid and wings past her eyebrow

Photo credit: @jessicazwu

Here’s a wonderful example where makeup artist Wayne Goss does a glitter wing tutorial where he uses black, purple, and silver to create a beautiful look:

Candy cane liner

What’s more festive than a candy cane with its bright red and white pepperminty goodness? But did you know you can turn this sweet treat into a makeup look inspiration? Katy Perry rocked the candy cane eyeliner and you can too!

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - Image of singer Katy Perry with blonde curled hair pulled back 1950s style - she has on glittery dropped emerald and diamond earrings - the image is a close up of her face and bare shoulders and you can see candy cane style eyeliner on her lids, false eyelashes, and red lipstick

Photo credit: @anthonyhnguyenmakeup

YouTuber Abby Roberts shows us how to do a candy cane liner. You can do the whole eyelid look as Abby has done or just do the candy cane part at the lash line:

Graphic liner

Graphic eyeliner is such a fun trend where it’s more like using “negative space” as the eyeliner. Some looks just use thin lines instead of filling in the eyeliner and some use exaggerated wings that go along the crease of the eye. You can use black eyeliner, metallic shades, or any colour you like.

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - Close up of a woman's face where she has eyeliner along her lash line and then it wings out and is drawn along the crease of her eyelid too

Photo credit: @helenkaamakeup

Here’s a graphic eyeliner tutorial by Chelsey Stacey:



Many women (and men) feel that a sweep of lipstick can freshen their face. Some love a full, bold red lip for most occasions and it’s their signature look, whilst others love a more neutral lip. Yet some may skip the lipstick for a bit of gloss. Gloss can be a particularly handy addition to your cosmetics purse for travel to hotter climates, where lipstick can melt or misshape. Let’s have a look at some of the this season’s trending lip wear.

Classic red lip

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - close up image of a woman's face with striking red lipstick

Nothing is more classic than a beautiful red lip. Whether you like blue reds, orange-reds, wine-reds, burgundy-reds, more coral shades, or anything in between, there’s a red out there that you can flaunt. A red lip can elevate any look and make it instantly elegant.

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - image of a woman wearing red lipstick

Photo credit: @helga.strydom

Here’s Drew Barrymore on how to perfect a red lip:


Stained lips

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - image of a woman wearing nude lipgloss

If you have a heavy eye makeup look, you may want to go lighter on the lips but have colour instead of a nude. For a stained lip, you can swipe on some liquid lipstick and blot it for a more natural flushed look.

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - Image of actress Elle Fanning wearing natural makeup and a lip stain

Photo credit: @ellefanning_id

Lisa Eldridge shows us how to do a stained berry lip here:

Natural finish

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - Image of a woman with blonde hair and curls wearing natural makeup

If you want a more polished finish than a stained lip, but not as bold as a red or a bright colour, a natural lip colour will work best for you. You can discover what colour is closest to your lip colour and what suits you best whether that’s a light pink or a nude or something a little darker.

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - image of a woman with lip gloss and natural-looking makeup

Photo credit: @mina_dimakis_lev

Ali Andreea shows fourteen shades of natural lipsticks: 


Full looks

What’s your favourite full-face look that you usually wear for special occasions? Do you love glamourous looks? Simple looks? Something bold, daring, and funky or something in-between? If you want to create a full look, here are some options for you. You can mix in some of our tips for eyeshadows, eyeliners, and lipsticks to make it your own.

Tria Beauty HOTTEST MAKEUP TRENDS - image of a woman wearing makeup

No makeup “makeup” look

If you want a more casual look during the holidays, the “no makeup” makeup look (seems contradictory in terms, doesn’t it?) is a popular one. 

Here are a few tutorials.

Here’s one from Julia Adams.

Check out this one from Emily Jean Beauty.

And here’s a final one from Lisa Eldridge.

Full retro glam

Nothing says “Hollywood glamour” more than retro makeup. Whether it’s with a red lip and long wavy hair a la the 1950s or a short bob and more neutral eyes like the 1960s, you can’t go wrong with a glamorous look. Here are a few tutorials on how to go glam.

If you want to look like Audrey Hepburn or a 60s starlet, here’s a look from Jackie Wyers:

Nikki Tutorials gives us a full glamorous bold lip and eye look:

For a more classic 1950s look like Marylin Monroe and Grace Kelly, here’s a video from Makeup by Annalee:

Bold holiday looks

If you want to get a little more creative, here are three different festive makeup looks to add sparkle to the season.

Brianna Fox, wearable glam

Hung Vango, holiday glittery red

Denitslava Makeup, sparkly green eyeshadow and red lipstick

General tutorials

Wayne Goss has some great lessons for beginners and pros alike on how to master eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, and more.






The takeaways

Try these makeup looks with our holiday hairstyle tips, using products from your 2021 beauty calendars! Which of these looks will you try out and which are your favourite? Any trends that missed the list? Let us know on social media!

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