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We’ve been having particularly rainy weather this summer in the UK. All winter and spring long, we’ve been waiting for the skies to clear and brighten and the sunlight to motivate us to workout outdoors, but with a bit more grey in the skies yet, it might be time to start hitting the gym. Here are the best gyms to get your work out on in central Birmingham or Manchester.


The best gyms in central Manchester

In no particular order, here are the top gyms in Manchester.

  1. CrossFit Central Manchester: if you don’t live under a rock, you’ll have heard of a CrossFit gym. CrossFit is more than a gym! CrossFit is a lifestyle. CrossFit is a form of group workout and branded fitness regimen where you perform high intensity interval training at your own level and pace. The philosophy teaches strength and conditioning workouts made of functional movements performed at a high intensity level. There are over 12,500 affiliated CrossFit gyms around the world in 162 countries. The workouts incorporate Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, HIIT, powerlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell lifting, callisthenics, strongman, and other workouts and individuals complete daily workouts (called WODs). You can join the Manchester CrossFit for £90 a month. Peruse their website here: 
  2. PureGym Manchester Market Street: this gym is located in the centre of Manchester, near Piccadilly Gardens. This chain gym has two other locations in the city centre of Manchester and eighteen locations in the surrounding area. This gym is open 24 hours per day for 7 days per week. This gym boasts over 220 pieces of gym equipment, plus free WiFi, air-conditioning, composition scans, classes you can book 14-days in advance, multi-gym access, the ability to bring a guest, sports water, and no contract. You can freeze your membership when you need it and leave at any time. The gym membership costs from £14.99 per month. Have a look here: 
  3. The Gym Group Manchester Portland Street: These chain gyms have several locations around Manchester. The monthly fee is only from £18.99 per month and it’s open 24/7 with no contract (and there’s a student membership deal too). The gyms look clean and spacious and have state-of-the-art equipment. If you love cardio machines, there are dozens so you’ll never get to the gym and find someone has taken all the stair climbers! This Portland Street location is a short walk from Piccadilly and Victoria Train Stations. For lifting, there’s a weight area, an area for pulling weighted sledges, and enough equipment to flex all major muscle groups. There are ample classes covering everything from mind and body to cardio to strength and conditioning and more – plus there are personal trainers available and a state-of-the-art locker room. There’s free WiFi too so you can watch your favourite Netflix show on the elliptical machine! Check out their website here: 
  4. JD Gyms Manchester: Owned by the JD Sports shops – as they’ve branched into gyms – the JD Gyms have several locations around the country but one in the city centre of Manchester. They have over 250 machines, over 250 classes, free weights, boot camps, classes, boxing, sprint and sledge tracks, luxury changing rounds, saunas, and personal trainers, among other benefits – all for only £19.99 per month for their standard gym membership and £25 per month for their plus membership, where you can use any gym in the JD group. Have a look at their website here: 
  5. TRIB3 Manchester Deansgate: For another group fitness workout community, TRIB3 studio workouts are programmed to get results. With two locations in Manchester, you can book each session for around £18 and it comes with a protein shake or buy sessions in packs (with the cheapest pack being £11 per session). The HIIT workout routines are in an industrial session where you train across treadmills and resistance equipment, burning up to 1,000 calories per session. Get more info on the tribe here: 

Here are some other highly-rated gym recommendations to check out.

  1. FORM: 
  2. Frontline Fit Performance Centre: 
  3. GSquared Health Clubs: 
  4. Hero Training Clubs: 
  5. Gym 72: 

Are there any Manchester gyms that you love that we didn’t mention? Let us know on our social media to help out your fellow Mancunian! 


The best gyms in central Birmingham

In no particular order, here are the top gyms in Birmingham.

  1. F45 Birmingham Central UK: Like CrossFit, F45 is a lifestyle. F45 Training originated in Australia and has studios based in Austin, Texas. There are over 1,750 studies in 45 countries. The workouts are 45 minutes long and you choose the days you work out where the workouts will focus on cardio, hybrid, or resistance training. The workouts are HIIT and the schedule offers three cardio classes, three resistance days, and one super circuit day. It’s a fitness lifestyle that can get you in the best functional shape of your life. You can purchase a 14-day trial for £30 or a 10-class bundle for £195. Check out their website here: 
  2. PureGym Birmingham Snow Hill Plaza/Arcadian Centre: The PureGym franchise, like in Manchester, has twelve locations across Birmingham. The gym is fully equipped to meet all your needs and the price is from £17.99 per month with no contract. Take a look at their website and the benefits here: 
  3. The Pit Gym JQ Birmingham: Located in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, The Pit Gym is “a transformation facility.” With three coaches, including the founder Kieran, the gym’s website explains that in “the past 8 years Kieran has designed his own fitness systems that took him from intensive care to champion fitness model.” The system has been developed as a programme (think p90x or Insanity) with five group sessions per week (three weights and two cardio sessions), three trainers per class, a gym partner, a tailored nutrition plan, and an online network of over 220 members to get motivated alongside. You get weekly weigh-ins, accountability, 24-hour email and text support, and allegedly inspiring results! They don’t publish their prices on the website but it seems you get personalised coaching from couch to fitness fanatic. View their website here for further details and to enquire: 
  4. Ultimate Fitness Birmingham: Voted the Midlands’s best independent gym, it was opened in 2013 by Simon Fan, a former British Bodybuilding Champion. He used his knowledge to create an elite top-end gym for his clients. The gym has everything you need to get in top physical fitness and has various pricing options with the monthly no contract cash option being £38. Check out their website here: 
  5. Temple Gym: Founded in 1987 by the world-famous six-time Mr Olympia, Dorian Yates with monthly membership prices ranging from £25 per month. The gym is a world-renowned body-building and functional fitness gym that will meet your fitness needs. Take a look at the website here: 


Here are our other top-rated recommendations in Birmingham.

  1. Kaizen Centre: 
  2. MSC Performance Strength & Conditioning Gym: 
  3. The Gym Group Birmingham Broad Street: 
  4. JD Gyms Birmingham: 
  5. 5ways Transformation Gym Birmingham: 

If you know of any amazing gyms where you love to work out that didn’t make our list, help out the other Brummies and tell us on our social media channels.

The takeaways

From group fitness to bodybuilding-friendly gyms, and from CrossFit and functional workout spaces to boxing clubs, share your favourite gyms in Birmingham or Manchester on our social media. Did we miss any out? Where is your favourite place to work out in the city? Do you prefer hitting the equipment in the gym, taking classes, joining group fitness (like TRIB3, CrossFit, or F45), doing Olympic free weights, or simply going outside for a run on the city streets or in a park?


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