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Luxurious Magazine Reviews the Eye Wrinkle Laser

Tria Eye Wrinkle Laser Review | Tria Beauty

Can an off-the-shelf product like Tria Beauty Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser truly reverse the visible signs of ageing? Paul Godbold from Luxurious Magazine investigates how it works and puts it to the test.

How many times have you looked at a beauty product and said, “Rubbish, it’s all marketing, it’ll never work”. I’ve done this frequently and had my ‘fingers burnt’ more than a few times, falling for the fancy words and promises, and feeling like a fool later. In my home, I have cupboards filled with gadgets which were used once and will probably never see the light of day for years to come and yet, William and Lucy Asprey, my wife Natasha and I.

I still have faith that something will come along to wipe out my poor judgement.

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