How to be that Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons this Summer

The Golden Rules to Have Flamingo Legs!

So let’s start on some golden rules on how to get perfect pins this summer, how to have exotic colourful Flamingo legs and not commonplace, dull and boring pigeon pin:

The first golden rule would obviously be to treat yourself to a Hair Removal 4X Laser by Tria Beauty.

This will give you smooth, permanent hair free pins in only 90 days and, whilst you may think £375 is expensive, it would cost you far more to go to a professional salon in time, parking costs and also think of the cost of the actual treatment. 

You can also do our treatment in the comfort of your own home, invite your friends round and make and evening of it!

Tria Laser 4X

Never shave your legs with shower gel, conditioner or shampoo

Whilst this may seem like the cheapest option and, how many of us do reach out to use one of these whilst we are in the shower, reknown dermatologist Dr Anita Sturham advises that these formulations will coat the hairs, making them thicker and more difficult to shave.

You therefore should use products that work in synergy with your razor, improve glide, reduce friction and the risk of irritation.

Tria Beauty Shaving Legs Before Using Laser Hair Removal

So everyone know that a Flamingo wants luminous limbs that are silky, smooth and soft.   As the weather starts to warm up and we start to reveal our bare legs that have been hidden under layers of winter tights, jeans, boots and trousers, we need to get our pins skinfit.  The first recommendation is to:

Start in the Shower.

Just a small adaptation to your shower routine will ensure your skin will be glowing when those rays come out.  To get rid of that dry, flaky skin left behind by winter, you need to exfoliate and there is no better place than the shower. 
Many high street retailers have a good selection of exfoliating gloves at reasonable prices, which will help with your skin but can also be used before applying fake tan

Start in the Shower

Once you are out of the shower.

Pat your skin dry, then sparingly apply a rich body lotion that will improves your skin and leaves it gorgeously silky smooth.  Products rich in shea butter and calendula nourish and instantly bring comfort to dry skin so you can say hello to that silky flamingo skin
Say hello to that silky flamingo skin

So everyone knows that  Flamingo’s have pink legs and, whilst we want to strut around like an elegant Flamingo,  we think it’s best we fake our Flamingo legs with a hint of self tanning until our normal tan takes over. Nobody want pink, white or streaky pins this summer!

  1. Dot Vaseline along your brow and around your hairline and around your cuticles before you apply fake tan to prevent telltale orange staining on these areas. Pat oil-free moisturiser over larger areas prone to dryness
  2. Rub a bag of frozen peas over your legs before you apply self tanner to prevent loads of little brown spots from appearing. The cold helps to close enlarged pores
  3. Fake tan mousses are the easiest to apply and rub in but sprays are great for getting colour to those hard to reach places
  4. Always wear mitts or latex gloves to prevent dreaded orange palms.  Use long sweeping strokes when applying fake tan, starting from your feet moving upwards and inwards from your wrist. Rub the colour in different directions to blend it well
  5. Use a long-handled brush for exfoliating your back.  The put the mitt, covered in fake tan, over the bristles to apply colour down each shoulder and over the middle of your back.
  6. .Similar to the sun, fake tanning looks most natural when it’s applied slowly.   So if you want that golden glow to hit the beach or for a big event, then start the process three days in advance.  Build up the colour with another layer the next day.
Tria Beauty Flamingo in a flock of pigeons

Try this backstage trick for super slim, defined pins: post-shower dust a matte bronzer over your legs to create definition.   Then, take a shimmery bronzer down the front of your legs only to elongate and slim them down.  Do the same with your pre-tanned tummy by dusting bronzer down the sides of your waist to help narrower the area.

That’s our first tips to being a Flamingo on the beach this summer.  There’s so much more we need to tell you so make sure you pop back on our fabulous tips to keep that body skinfit this summer.

Have a skinfit 2018 with Tria Beauty