Never too Young, Never too Old

  1. Age Defying Skincare Priming Cleanser


    Our Priming Cleanser with natural Willow Bark Extract and moisturising complex ensures skin is perfectly prepped for Age-Defying Laser treatment by gently removing any makeup, sunscreen and other impurities that can block the laser light. The Priming Cleanser leaves skin feeling smooth while retaining all natural oils and moisture. 

  2. Super C Brightening Moisturiser


    Packed with brightening power, our Super C Brightening Moisturiser is proven to deliver up to 4x more brightening ingredients into the skin following laser treatment. It is specially developed with a unique oil-based form of Vitamin C and Hexylresorcinol to brighten and absorb

  3. Age Defying Skincare Laser Prep Cleansing Cloths


    Get your Age-Defying Laser treatment off to the best start.

  4. Age Defying Skincare Finishing Serum


    Follow each Age-Defying Laser treatment with our Finishing Serum, specifically formulated by dermatologists to soothe and hydrate laser-treated skin. With Retinol, Sea Fennel Extract, Olive and Avocado Oils, skin sees an increase in elasticity and firmness while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  5. Age-Defying Skincare Kit


    Prepare skin for the Age-Defying Laser with Priming Cleanser. Then, soothe and hydrate laser-treated skin with Finishing Serum. Kit includes: Priming Cleanser, 100 ml. and Finishing Serum, 30 ml.

  6. Overnight Brightening Boost Facial


    Complement your laser treatment with our luxurious Overnight Brightening Boost Facial, expertly formulated to infuse potent brightening and moisturising ingredients into laser-treated skin. This overnight mask combines a unique oil-based form of Vitamin C with Tria’s own BrightEssence™ Concentrate to help improve discoloration, while two forms of Hyaluronic Acid help skin retain moisture following laser treatment. 

  7. Age Defying Skincare Nourishing Eye Renewal Cream


    Our nourishing eye cream soothes skin following laser treatment while replenishing moisture and reducing the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles.