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Introducing Tria skin rejuvenating laser

Get gorgeous, fresh, younger-looking skin safely at home in just minutes a day

Professional, Anti-Ageing Results, Now at Home—Clinically-Proven

If you're like many women, you've been considering how professional anti-ageing treatments can give you gorgeous, youthful-looking skin.

With the introduction of the NEW Skin Rejuvenating Laser, Tria has made professional clinic-quality technology available for use at home. Now you can achieve significant, visible results and reverse multiple signs of ageing in just 8 weeks.

What to expect

Week 2-3
The Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser begins to stimulate new collagen production and creates early cellular renewal. During these first few weeks, you'll immediately notice a dramatically smoother texture.

Week 6-8
After several weeks of treatment, you'll have stimulated enough collagen to significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You'll also see unwanted pigmentation fade.

Week 8+
You'll experience ultimate visible improvements to fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration and skin texture. You'll notice a significant improvement in overall appearance.

Tria Beauty Skin Rejuvenating Laser 060 and 063 Clinical Studies

Real Stories

*Individual results may vary.